Bugatti Centodieci Revives Spirit of EB110

  • 19/08/2019
Bugatti Centodieci Revives Spirit of EB110

On Friday, Bugatti introduced the Centodieci at Monterey Car Week. Designed to reinterpret the 21st century EB110, the vehicle is predicated on the Chiron, as it was in the case of previous year's Monterey, Divo. Nevertheless, this is not a complete copycat; instead, it takes a series of concepts available in the EB110 modeling and adjusts them in a much more contemporary form.

The front has a long, lowered nose, like the EB110, and is limited to a much smaller variant of the arch-shaped radiator grille, which was the main element of every modern Bugatti.

The headlights are incredibly slim, with cutouts of eyelashes that raise the wings. The wheels fit into the wells with some significant accuracy.

Beneath the motor cover is the exact 8.0-liter W16 quad-turbo that the Chiron has, but it has a raised wick to generate 1,600 horsepower. It will achieve 62 mph in 2.4 seconds, duplicating its speed to 124 mph in 6.1 seconds. It only takes 13.1 seconds to achieve 186 miles per hour, which is a positive thing.

It will accelerate to 236 mph before colliding with an electronic restrictor. The car producer states it is 44 pounds lighter than the Chiron, owing to elements such as a lightweight wiper and multiple carbon elements.

Only 10 very happy owners will have an opportunity choose one, but Bugatti hastened to mention that this will permit owners to paint vehicles in any color that they prefer. Shipments are anticipated to start in nearly two years, and each Centodieci is going to be priced € 8 million (nearly $ 8.9 million).

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