Iran to further reduce commitments to nuclear deal

  • 04/08/2019
Iran to further reduce commitments to nuclear deal

Iran is aiming to take new attempts to decrease observance with the 2015 nuclear energy agreement, Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammed Javad Zarif announced on Saturday with no specifying, the parliamentary news agency ICANA reported.

Iran has continuously stated that it is gradually going to decrease its partisanship to a nuclear agreement and may even retreat from the pact completely if the other signatories do not find solutions to protect their economy from US sanctions. Washington rejected the agreement last year.

“The third step in reducing commitments to (the nuclear deal) will be implemented in the current situation,” he said.

“We have said that if (the deal) is not completely implemented by others then we will also implement it in the same incomplete manner. And of course all of our actions have been within the framework of (the deal).”

Last month, Iran jeopardized to resume the work of deactivated centrifuges and increase uranium enrichment to 20% purity in the departure from a nuclear transaction.

Iranian officials said Tehran’s steps to decrease its obligations under the nuclear agreement are switchable as long as the rest of the signatories fulfill their obligations.

Concerns of a war in the Middle East with international aftermath have intensified after US President Donald Trump revoked the 2015 agreement previous year and restored sanctions designed to push Tehran to broader security concessions.

On Wednesday, the United States introduced sanctions on Zarif himself, limiting any property or interests that he had in the United States, however, Zarif said that he did not have them.

He also added that America is proud to be restricted by America to protect the rights of the Iranian people, according to IRIB.

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